Video Sewer Inspection

See the Problem | Fix the Problem

Sewer line video inspection is a cost-effective method for diagnosing problems within a drain, especially a large drain like a main sewer line. Using video equipment to look inside the drain pipe, we can more accurately identify and locate blockages or damage.

Why Have Your System Inspected?

  • To locate the problem with minimal digging.
  • Real estate inspections.
  • Government Permitting
  • If you experience back ups more than once a year.
  • Before purchasing brand new flooring.

Real estate and Commercial Capable

We have the equipment to properly video inspect virtually any line. We even offer complete home and commercial sewer system video inspections. If you’re having recurring issue with a line of any type or size, Contact Us to setup an appointment today.

How sewer line video works

Video inspection involves inserting a tiny camera into your sewer line or drain. The camera is on the end of a long fiber optic cable, which allows us to run it down the line to find the problem.

We use video inspection equipment capable of searching up to 300 feet of line, working inside diameters as large as 8 inches and as small as 2 inches. The camera has a transmitter that sends a signal to a locator used above ground. This allows us to determine where the line is going as well as to pinpoint the exact location and depth of a problem area.

Digital inspection Record

When we use video inspection on a sewer line, we record what we see and can produce a digital copy of the procedure. This allows you to see the problem for yourself, and it allows us to provide an accurate estimate for your repair.

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